Integrate+ software

Integrate+ uses a well designed software tool which runs on mobile devices (tablets). Those can be used directly on the Marteloscope sites in the forest.

In advance of virtual tree selection or other exercises the software facilitates pre-settings for the training in the field. Also, it offers and displays a detailed description of individual tree microhabitats and their relevance for different biomes and species.

During or after performing the training exercises, users receive direct feedback on all silvicultural decisions they have implemented on site both in qualitative and quantitative figures. These outputs serve for self- or group evaluation, comparison of results and education.

An important aim of the software is that user groups can discuss on the basis of objective data ecological and economic impacts of different silvicultural concepts and practical approaches on site. This way, participants can benefit from exchange with other training participants and eventually improve their own decision making capacities.

There are three software packages available and tailored for different user groups:

I+ Trainer

This software package is applied when running exercises on the Marteloscope sites. It is typically used for:

  • selecting specific M-Scope area and type of exercise (possibly automated)
  • performing exercises
  • computing and displaying initial results
  • revising of initial selections and rerun exercises
  • presenting and storing final exercise results


I+ Manager

The I+ Manager software package allows the core users to:

  • enter new Marteloscopes datasets
  • maintain existing Marteloscope information
  • introduce new variables that are agreed upon and are added to all Marteloscopes
  • defining Marteloscope exercises
  • synchronize the local databases on the tablet computers  (see section on I+ database)

I+ Database

There are two major datasets which are co-located in one master database. One set contains all variables that have been assessed in a Marteloscope, while the second comprises of the data that is needed to conduct the tailored training sessions.

The database is located on each mobile device (tablet computer). When the tablet is connected to the Internet, it will synchronize its ‘local’ database with that of the main server database and update with any new information. Also, training session results from the tablet are uploaded to the master database on the server.


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