Integrate+ Conference 2016

The Integrate+ Conference
took place in Ebrach, Germany
(Steigerwaldzentrum, Handthal)
from 26 to 28 of October 2016



The Integrate+ Conference took place in the Steigerwald Centre near Ebrach, Bavaria from 26 – 28 October 2016 and gathered nearly 80 participants with various professional backgrounds. Those included silviculture trainers, forest ecologists, conservation biologists, forest scientists and representatives from forest administrations and forest managers. The conference invited the participants to discuss and exchange on the project results, its extensive network activities and most importantly reflect on viable options on how to continue what has been initiated by Integrate+ beyond 2016...(read full article here)


Conference contributions

- 26 October -

Integrate+ project overview (Daniel Kraus, EFI)

A conceptual framework for integrative forest biodiversity conservation in Europe (Kurt Bollmann, WSL)

Active restoration measures at the stand and tree scale (Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson, MIUN)

Tree-related microhabitats (TreMs) as key elements for forest biodiversity (Laurent Larrieu, INRA & CNPF)

INTEGRATE+ software (Sergey Zudin, EFI)

Learning effects from Marteloscope exercises (Hannes Cosyns, WSL)

- 27 October -

The network idea (Alex Held, EFI)

Silviculture training in Rheinland-Pfalz (Bernhard Hettesheimer)

The Groenendaal Marteloscope (Martin Winnock, Inverde)

Marteloscopes to promote multifunctional forest management in private forests of Catalunya (NE Spain) (Teresa Baiges, CPF)

Methods of ecological restoration and management in Finland (Petri Keto-Tokoi, Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

Example of Czech-German cooperation in Křivoklát forest in the framework of the project Integrate+ (Lenka Lehnerova, FMI)

Monitoring microhabitats in the Swiss National Forest Inventory (Urs-Beat Brändli, WSL)

Forestry in Slovenia (Kristina Sever, University of Ljubljana)

Modeling the dynamics of microhabitats (Benoit Courbaud, Irstea)

The Italian census of monumental trees: preserving trees for their ecological value (Livia Zapponi, CREA)

Naturschutzziele und Bewirtschaftungsempfehlungen für reife Buchenwälder Nordostdeutschlands – ein Praxishandbuch (Martin Flade, LfU Brandenburg)

Introduction - Ebrach biodiversity concept (Ulrich Mergner, BaySF)

- 28 October -

Perspectives for integrative biodiversity management in temperate forests (Jörg Müller, Würzburg University)

The Pau Costa Foundation (Oriol Vilalta, PCF)

Counter the drift, Fill the gap – visions for the future (Pia Mayer-Gampe, FAUN)