Workshop on active management of forest protected areas

from 1st to 5th of August 2016, Mikulov, Czech Republic

There is an increasing awareness that simply setting aside forests for free development risks missing out on the conservation of associated biodiversity.

Due to past land use and fragmented landscapes, natural disturbances and process cannot fully operate within single small set-asides. To support natural values, measures to actively manage forests for biodiversity conservation are being developed. This meeting will collect researchers and practitioners working in this field for exchanging knowledge and experience through Europe.

The workshop consists of discussion parts and field trips. You will see examples of active management in broad-leaf forests in protected landscape areas as well as protection-free localities in Pannonia. All costs (accommodation, food and excursions) during the conference are covered by the registration fee (75 Euro).

The workshop is co-financed by INTEGRATE+

More information and registration:

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